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Sino-Ocean Rizhao
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Sino-Ocean Rizhao

Add: 4th Floor of Shipping Building, No.168 of Haibin Road 2, Rizhao, Shandong
Zip: 276826
Fax: 0633-2213036 / 8387899

Agency Dept
Duty Room Tel: 0633-8387888 / 2223888( 24hover )
Operator Tel: 0633-2213037
Boarding Tel: 0633-2213038
E-mail: [email protected]

Forwarding Dept
Customs Declaration Tel: 0633-2219523
Inspection Declaration Tel: 0633-2219527
Draft Survey Tel: 0633-2299552
Stora-ge / Transportation Tel:0633-2219518
E-mail: [email protected]
Rizhao port, one of the 20 important coastal main hub ports in china, owned 53 productive berths now, 48 of which over 10,000 DWT, The cargo of mainly operating: ore, coal, bulk grain, wood, cement, oil, container, liquid chemicals. Rizhao port owns two 150,000 DWT coal loading berths with the deepest draft, one 300,000 DWT mineral ore deepwater berth, one 300,000 DWT crude oil berth, one 100,000 DWT crude oil berth, two 200,000 DWT bulk mineral ore deepwater berth, two specialized bulk grain berths, four specialized 40,000 DWT wood chips berths, one 40,000 DWT totally enclosed tapioca chips berth, two specialized bulk cement berths.

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