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Sino-Ocean Rizhao
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Sino-ocean Lianyungang

Add: Room 2103 of Sunshine International Center, Haibin Road 2, Lianyungang, Jiangsu
Zip: 22204
Fax: 0518-82379632
E-mail: [email protected]

Agency Dept
Tel: 0518-82379792 / 82379793

Forwarding Dept
Tel: 0518-82379631

Lianyungang port, situated in the southwest coast of Haizhou Bay which lies in the coastal central section of China, northeastend of Jiangsu province. It is known as the east bridge head of the new Eurasian Continental and the east starting point of the 35 berths, 30 of which are rated above 10,000 DWT for containers, bulk grain, coke, coal, iron ore, alumina, liquid chemical, ro-ro service and general cargoes. It has more than 40 liner routes for containers and cargoes to Europe, America, Middle East,Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia. Two large-scale passenger and container liner routes have been opened to Inchon and Pyeongtaek of South Korea. According to the plan, Lianyungang port will form a overall pattern of one main body and two wingsin future. The main body is Lianyun main port area inside the bay. The south wing is Xuyu and Guanhe port area. The north wing is Ganyu and Qiansandao port area.

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